Financial Hope With Title Loans in St. Augustine FL

The great part about growing up is all the freedom you suddenly have: driving, deciding your own bed time and buying anything you want. Of course, it also means that you're responsible for your own bills, and that brings its own set of challenges on the side. Fortunately, tough times don't have to be so tough — that's where St. Augustine and Jacksonville title loans step in.

When other loan types seem too expensive or inconvenient, title loans in St. Augustine step in to change the game and show you why lending doesn't have to be stressful. With zero credit checks, deposits in under an hour and loan sums averaging in the thousands, we make it easy to climb your way out of your financial trenches and back into security once more. We also bring buyout and refinancing services to the table to help you keep your head above water no matter what happens. We don't want to repo your car, we'd rather work out a payment solution that works for you and will help your financial situation, and let you still drive.

The sole requirement of carrying out an auto loan is the temporary relinquishment of your vehicle title. We'll hang on to it while the loan is out, and once you're all finished paying it off, the title comes back to you in the same condition that we received it.

Applying Online For Title Loans in St. Augustine FL

We keep it real with our free online title loan application. While our competition probably takes inspiration from the IRS when it comes to collecting information about their clients, we just stick to the basics. You'll only need to provide the following:

  • Name
  • Email address and phone number
  • ZIP code (to verify your locality)
  • The type of vehicle that's represented by the title and the mileage on it

One of our loan representatives will reach back at their earliest convenience to discuss your situation and answer any questions you may have about our services. We want you to feel secure with your decision to roll with title loans in St. Augustine FL, which is one reason why we'd prefer to know about your financial situation when we get in touch with you. This allows us to recommend the best title loan for your particular needs.

The size of title loans in St. Augustine FL is contingent upon two factors: the stability of your income and the value of the vehicle that your title represents. We recommend that you furnish a clear title, since one with liens on it can severely impact the amount that you can borrow. In addition, we can accept titles for land and water vehicles.

Florida State Laws

Over the years, predatory lending practices made themselves apparent to the public, and the state governments were called one by one to step in and do something about it. The following are the most important laws for you to know about when moving forward with us by your side:

1. Licensing and Representation

All auto loan specialists are required by Florida state law to be studied, tested and certified in their field before they can serve the public with title loan services.

2. Usurious Assessment

No title-based lender may impose APRs that exceed 30% for loans of $2,000 or less, and for auto loans of $3,000 or more, APRs may not exceed 18%.

3. Seizure and Repossession

No title-based lender may lay a finger on your car, truck or boat unless you've allowed your loan payments to fall more than 30 days behind schedule.

Better Than Payday or Cash Advance

Let's go over the benefits of title loans in St. Augustine FL one more time:

  1. Loan Amounts Averaging Thousands
  2. Deposits Within an Hour or Less
  3. Flexible Payment Installations
  4. Refinancing and Buyout Fallback Options
  5. No Credit Checks
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